When is the best time for a kitchen remodel?  Today the answer might be – when you can find a contractor!  This may be true for homeowners in Appleton, Wisconsin and throughout the north central region of Wisconsin. Our kitchen contractors are in demand!

                                                         As we all followed Stay at Home orders of the last year and a half, many of us were able to take advantage of the time to organize and make improvements in our homes.  Local contractors have been very busy with room additions and kitchen remodels and are very grateful.

Our local real estate market has  enjoyed a huge uptick in business – by 30%.  The turn over in first and second homes in our area has brought many new families to the area and inspired many to make improvements in kitchens and bathrooms remodels.

These are good problems to have for our local economy; no one is complaining about the boom in business.  However, if you want to remodel your kitchen and can’t find a contractor who is available, you will be disappointed.